STANDARD 6: Professionalism

Standard 6

Element 6.1: Demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the belief that all students can become physically educated individuals.

Artifact: Advocacy Project

Date: Spring 2010

Reflection: I created this presentation to advocate for the creation of a wellness center in my EDU 470 class in the Spring semester of 2010. Our task was to propose a change, advocate for it, and ultimately garner support for the change to be made from various roles, such as administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community members. This artifact satisfies Standard 6, Element 6.1 because the whole idea behind the creation of a wellness center is that it is a place where all students can congregate to improve their overall well-being with physical activity being the cornerstone. The wellness center was designed mainly in order to provide a large, secluded space where students could learn a variety of physical activities and exercises that would ultimately improve their well-being. This wellness center would strive to provide all students with activities they could become interested in, thus helping every student become a physically educated individual. This artifact has been astronomically important to my development as a teacher because the ability to identify a problem, map out a change to solve the problem, and successfully propose and carry out the change is something that all physical educators must be able to do. With the importance and need of physical education being questioned every day, it is important that we are able to effectively garner support for a change that we know will make a difference in the lives of our students. Ultimately, these changes will assist them in the goal of becoming a physically educated and healthy individual for their lifetime.